Anteprima del Vino Nobile 2018

Now in its twenty-fifth edition, the event offers  the opportunity to taste one of the best wines in the world, in an exclusive and magical context such as the Montepulciano Fortress.

It will be possible to taste the Vino Nobile 2015. 5-star vintage, ready to be placed on the market after the two years of evolution required by the production disciplinary, and the Riserva 2014, as well as the other wines produced in the Montepulciano area.

Saturday 10 February from 15 to 19.30 and Sunday 11 from 11 to 18.30.

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Montemercurio Cantina in Montepulciano
Vino prodotto da agricoltura biologica


  • Via di Totona, 25/A 53045 Montepulciano (SI) Italia

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