Montemercurio 1986 Vinsanto di Montepulciano D.O.C."1986"
Vin Santo Di Montepulciano D.O.C.

Average age of vines: 50 years
Elevation: 450 mtrs above sea level
Exposure: South westerly
Soil: medium density with plenty of clay
Grape variety: white malvasia, white canaiolo, pulcinculo, Tuscan trebbiano and Sangiovese
Yield per hectare: 3,000 Kgms per hectare
Serving temp: 10-12 degree centigrade
Alcohol: 15,5 %
Description: An amber yellowy colour with orange specks, complex on the nose with traces of dry fruit, fig, peel of candied orange and honey. Persistance on the tongue with a sweet persistent finish but with a fresh pleasant acid flavour which make it perfect for some special dishes.

Tecniche produttive

Fermentation: selected by hand in the vineyard, the grapes are carefully storedin an aired room where they are let for at least 3 months, till the beginning of January next year; after pressing, the must is then transferred to oak, chestnut tree and cherrytree casks.
Maturation: 25 years in casks
Cellaring: At least 6 months in bottles
Bottles produced: 992

Out of ordinary schemes, best served with dishes, such as foie gras, cakes with a great presence of chocolate and some spicy herbed cheeses.

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