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Vino Nobile of Montepulciano D.O.C.G.

In the early 60’s, in the heart of Montepulciano in the valley of the Temple of St. Biagio, thanks to “ Grandfather Damo”, this vineyard was established, which with infinite care, he maintained till 2006, the year in which he passed on. His dedication remains alive still, because we in the family decided to continue producing this unique wine, which is the essence of one of the oldest vineyards in the Vino Nobile of Montepulciano denominational region. “Damo”, the Nobile Di Montepulciano wine, represents the elite wine of our firm, which is the culmination of a rigorous procedure of selection and development. From the beginning it was obvious that this particular vineyard was capable of producing wines of the highest calibre, which could enhance greatly the value of this denominational region. “Damo” is our interpretation of a modern Nobile di Montepulciano wine, a wine of lengthy tradition which we claim as our own and which is unique only to itself. ‘Damo” wine is a wine which is nurtured carefully in every minute detail, nothing is left to chance either in the vineyard or in the cellars, because we believe that our grapes are worthy of this kind of attention so that we can give the consumer an emotional experience that evokes the beauty of our vines and the aromas of our particular soils. “Damo” is capable of ageing for many years and still maintain its special qualities, whilst gracing the tables of our more discerning patrons around the world.

Technical Sheet

  • Median age of vines
    50 years
  • Elevation
    450 mtrs above sea level
  • Exposure
    South Westerly
  • Yield per hectare
    3.500 kg. of grapes
  • Colour
    Intense and deep ruby, almost impenetrable
  • Bouquet
    Aromas of ripe fruit, cassis and blackberries, enhanced with traces of tobacco, chocolate and sweet spices.
  • Flavour
    High quality tannins, charged with elegance and body, which render the wine extremely adaptable to lengthy ageing
  • Alcohol
  • Acidity
    5,5 gr/l.
  • Serve with
    Seasoned cheeses, red meat, venison and salamis.
  • Serving Temperature
  • Serving method
    Serve in large vessels ensuring that the bottle has been opened at least 60 mins. beforehand.
  • Grape type
    80% Sangiovese, 20% consisting of Barbera, Canaiolo, Montepulciano and Carmenere grapes.

Production techniques

  • Fermentation
    After careful selection by hand in the vineyard and meticulous sorting of the berries on arrival at the winery, the grapes are separated for maturation into smallish containers to optimise the extraction of flavours from the skins. The fermentation proceeds without selected yeasts, relying on the natural ones inherent in the local area. Contact with the skins depends on the grape variety from a minimum of 18 days to a maximum of 25-28 days, during which brief and delicate pressings (follature) are made.
  • Maturation
    The wine is then transferred to small Slovenian oak casks of 10hl (1,000 litres) where the fermentation continues for at least 24 months. During this period some light transferring between vats occurs to stabilise the wine and then it is gently filtered, but not clarified, thus still allowing the wine to maintain all the intrinsic organic components.
  • Cellaring
    at least 1 year in bottles.